Day 4: Cagliari


Happy 20th anniversary to us!  You already saw the kissy pictures.

By Day 4, it was starting to sink in: it is really too effing hot to do anything during the day!  So forget the sights of Cagliari, Sardegna’s largest city, for a while: we hit the local beach instead.  Here’s a view from the lighthouse hill; the beach is the sandy part in the distance.  It was a nice city beach: chairs with umbrellas were for rent, and there was a full restaurant.  That there was a full bar goes without saying.  This was Italy.  I would soon be averaging 4 drinks a day.

Only after we changed out of beach attire did we dare venture out to explore the old part of the city, in the (relative, sometimes, when there was a breeze) cool of the early evening.  By nightfall it was even cool enough to climb up to Il Castello, the old walled-in way-high-up part of the city.  We drank and enjoyed the view.  This would establish a rhythm: avoid daytime unless submerged in the sea; frolic at night; and drink, in general.

Day 3: Nuraghi e vino


We went to a wine tasting.  I got trashed.  There, I thought I’d lead with the highlight.

Day 3 things began in earnest!  We got our rental car and drove inland.  We visited an archaeological site.  Sardegna has some 7,000 sites called nuraghi which are the remains of stone towers and settlements dating from the Bronze Age.  We visited one of the best ones which is a Unesco World Heritage Site.  Above is the view from one of the high spots.  It was all lovely, but, maybe I’ll stop saying “it was too hot.”

Then it was definitely time for wine tasting!  Got a little winery tour and some vino.  I felt good.  Walked it off around the little town.  I like wandering random Italian towns.  One of my favorite things about being in Italy is seeing little old ladies and old men talking on benches.  I feel my grandmother there.  It was how she spent her time.


Day 2: Al traghetto


Day 2 was kind of a draggy day.  We tried to wander Rome and find some mojo, but it was too hot.  We decided to leave early for the port city of Civitavecchia where we’d be getting an overnight ferry (‘traghetto’) to Sardegna.  We couldn’t get mojo rolling in Civitavecchia either because there was nowhere to store our luggage.

Finally came the evening and the ferry ride.  Here is a shot of a container ship taken from the ferry.  We like ports.

The ride from Rome (i.e. nearby Civitavecchia) to Cagliari (top city of Sardegna) was about 11 hours and left at 7:30 PM.  The ferry was pretty cool with good amenities and food, and our berth had twin beds and a fully functioning bathroom.  Neither of us had ever slept on a boat before.



Sardinia 2018 Page-a-Day Calendar

Welcome to the annual vacation page-a-day calendar for 2018!


The idea was to celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary in a new part of Italy we hadn’t yet been to.  Xopher picked Sardinia, a large island north of Sicily and below Corsica.  Then he changed his mind.  I think he originally thought there would be volcanoes or something.  But by then I had bought a book and started researching and getting excited about it, and didn’t want to change plans.

I read the books which warned that July and August would be very hot.  I forged ahead anyway.  I like it hot.  HA.

Back in 2005 we went to Ireland in October, because October fit our schedule.  Ireland in October was a nasty soggy mess, and I vowed never again to fit a destination to a schedule rather than a schedule to a destination.  HA.

I’m trying to say it was hot.  Unrelentingly sun-blazingly hot.  Whatever – it was Italy!  I truly love being in Italy.  And Xopher, well, he was a really good sport.

Onward… enjoy how we pulled a good vacation out of 30+ (even 40+ at one point) degree Celsius temperatures…