Day 2: Al traghetto


Day 2 was kind of a draggy day.  We tried to wander Rome and find some mojo, but it was too hot.  We decided to leave early for the port city of Civitavecchia where we’d be getting an overnight ferry (‘traghetto’) to Sardegna.  We couldn’t get mojo rolling in Civitavecchia either because there was nowhere to store our luggage.

Finally came the evening and the ferry ride.  Here is a shot of a container ship taken from the ferry.  We like ports.

The ride from Rome (i.e. nearby Civitavecchia) to Cagliari (top city of Sardegna) was about 11 hours and left at 7:30 PM.  The ferry was pretty cool with good amenities and food, and our berth had twin beds and a fully functioning bathroom.  Neither of us had ever slept on a boat before.



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