Day 4: Cagliari


Happy 20th anniversary to us!  You already saw the kissy pictures.

By Day 4, it was starting to sink in: it is really too effing hot to do anything during the day!  So forget the sights of Cagliari, Sardegna’s largest city, for a while: we hit the local beach instead.  Here’s a view from the lighthouse hill; the beach is the sandy part in the distance.  It was a nice city beach: chairs with umbrellas were for rent, and there was a full restaurant.  That there was a full bar goes without saying.  This was Italy.  I would soon be averaging 4 drinks a day.

Only after we changed out of beach attire did we dare venture out to explore the old part of the city, in the (relative, sometimes, when there was a breeze) cool of the early evening.  By nightfall it was even cool enough to climb up to Il Castello, the old walled-in way-high-up part of the city.  We drank and enjoyed the view.  This would establish a rhythm: avoid daytime unless submerged in the sea; frolic at night; and drink, in general.

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