Whoa, you say, (in my imagination where “you” are paying meticulous attention), last time there were two, now we’ve jumped to five?  I found the two on the left in a drawer; I guess they are two that didn’t sell last year.  So now my fleet is five.  Finished Mr. Multicolor on the right today.  I know people like the multi-colors, and they sell, but I prefer the solids, not only because they are quicker to make.  I just like the feeling of being able to churn out one color in quantity.


Couldn’t decide on one thing to talk about tonight, so you’re getting it all –

  1. Yarn came in for this year’s sweater project!



2. Multi-colored yarn is spun & resting on the bobbin!



3. Chicken Florentine was a success!  The Italian-themed fiestaware was strictly a coincidence!20200119_185252