Some weeks ago I saw the most beautifully dyed little package of Wensleydale locks at the St. Alban’s farmer’s market. Dyed locks is what I got. Dyed locks is not something I need to buy. But both Xopher & I just couldn’t stop admiring that blue, so I bought the locks. There wasn’t enough to make a skein out of, so mixing was unfortunately necessary. I hope I did it justice. First handspun skein of the new season.

Looking for rusty reds to pair it with
Pretty against pretty
E’ finito

End of Day 4

How the day began; and how it ended:

And I slept last night, drug-free. I called bullshit on 3 nights of insomnia. I said, dammit, I know how to sleep. I’ve been doing it every night all my life. And I knew last night I was going to sleep. It was like when I finally passed my road test on the 4th or 5th or 6th try. I said, dammit, I know how to drive. And I just knew i was going to pass.

The rug is tough going. The wool is close-set (warp face) and sticky to begin with. I have to stand up on the pedals and yank on heddles to make a shed.