From the Fiber Mill


Exhibit A: Viking Socks.  And do they ever look like Viking socks, i.e. something out of the 6th century.  The author of this pattern needs to bone up on 17-th century heel-turning technology.

Exhibit B: More of my (should-be) patented multi-color homespun 100% mohair yarn.



Some People Think I Want to Retire and Do Fiber Arts Full Time, But Between You & Me…

Working on a multi-colored yarn.  I’m not happy with how it feels, coarse & sticky.  Garbage in, garbage out.  Somehow I thought some of the coarse, sticky fleece I was using would magically feel OK in the yarn.

Fiber arts are just a way to kill time between meals and work.  The only things I’m passionate about really are food and work.  But one definitely cannot eat all the time, and I hear tell that working all the time is not desirable either – at minimum, I would risk running out of work.  So this.


Bag It


I bagged up all of the mohair locks unsold from the Fair – first painstakingly going through each lock, removing debris, rejecting outright any really cruddy pieces.  I ended up with 13 4-ounce bags and sold them all outright to a new-ish local yarn shop.  I thought I was going to do consignment, but, this works too.  Go me!  This could be a serious business one day.

It was a little hard to part with.  Some of Janet’s is really soft and beautiful.