Weekend Work

Behold, how the new stove lays now flush against the wall, nay no longer a good 3-4 inches out, thanx to Xopher’s fine rewiring job.

And behold the mohair all stuck to my sleeve. Because I’ve been working on two of my favorite colors and wondering how well they would play together. Subtlety, I’ve got to remember, subtlety…


Didn’t quite make the cut to get to 6 Loose Ladies in time this weekend, but no matter, build up my inventory! A rare solid. Inexplicably, I had so much of this color left over after the Fair, in such a nice preparation, that I felt compelled to card a ton of it and make a solid skein of 100% Paprika.

I had my annual this morning. Sparing the gory details, I’m well, all my screenings are up to date, I can keep on my current prescription (YES! – stability is the name of the game), and I am not any fatter than I was when I first stopped dieting. I eat what I want these days and I am perfectly stable. This is the real me.