Contrast with Contrast

The one on the right just completed, where I used more contrasting colors than on the left. I thought I wanted more contrast, but maybe I’m a more subtle girl these days.

Let’s put it up on the big board… Now We Are Six:

But Tytania, you say, enough with the orange maybe?


It’s subtle, and it’s orange, nobody’s favorite color; but it’s really quite lovely.

It’s Subtle

Let’s have it take its place (4th from left)… I’m becoming industrious lately.

Quite Rightly

My paltry 2021-2022 yarn output

Finished yarn #3, the solid yellow. 2021-2022 has not been a wildly productive yarn season. I futzed around with weaving a lot. I just received a check from 6 Loose Ladies, second one this year, for $20 and change, for yarn from last year’s drop off. I should focus more on yarn, as it seems to serve some purpose in the world, unlike my weavings which I use for purposelessness like this: