Nine – Janet as a Blonde


Something completely different, a nice neutral I call “Honey Blonde.”

Just 26 days ago, that skein you see me holding was running around the barn.

That’s what I love about my hobby; not any particular step or action or outcome, but the overall transformation.

BTW I declared victory over S’E2S’E.  Ten projects, a nice book and tote bag.

Dye Season Inaugurated


After shearing I could hardly wait to wash and dye (and spin) Janet.  So I started the very next day!  I didn’t like the saturation levels of my results.  I was using formulas from Greener Shades and being very exact, and I double-double-checked the formulas, so I don’t know why they came out so pale.  What you see above was doctored with additional yellow (on the left) and orange (on the right).  The one on the left has some severe splotches, but I blended up the one on the right a bit better.

I really didn’t like either color at first, even after the doctoring, but they’ve grown on me a little.

You can see in the background that biking season has been inaugurated as well as dyeing season.

No new COVID deaths were reported in Vermont today, and the number hospitalized has dropped to single-digits.


Nothin’ up My Sleeve…


Thanx for your interest!  I don’t block.  I’m just bad at texture work, my purls don’t correlate well with my knits, or something.  I’m only doing a pattern from this book because it was a gift, and because I’m kind of “what the hell” about knitting, will try anything.  I did learn the long-tail cast-on which was fun (from the web – NOT from the awful illustration and directions in the book).




My seventh skein of the season.

2-Apr 3-Apr 4-Apr 5-Apr
Did you stay home today?
Takeout. Curbside.   With a mask. Yes, 100% Went for milk & Chinese Errand day
What was for dinner?
Hatchet Leftovers Chinese Mushroom barley soup
What business or charity did you support?
Hatchet Frontline Foods Joyce’s Noodle House – only Chinese open Sweet Clover
2-Apr 3-Apr 4-Apr 5-Apr
Chittenden Positive test results 177 199 245 271
Vermont Positive test results* 338 389 461** 512**
Total tests conducted 4,711 5,228 5,844 6,582
Deaths+ 17 17 20 22
People being monitored 127 102 89 62
People who have completed monitoring 677 705 718 745
Hospitalized patients with COVID-19 29 29 29 29
Hospitalized patients under investigation for COVID-19 42 44 44 44

I wonder what it means that “People being monitored” keeps dropping and dropping.  Have they quit monitoring?  Wow, this sounds like a great question for Vermont Edition.




Finally, #6, “Latte”, on the end.  It was finished a while ago, but it felt sticky.  It came from Columbia whose fleece really held the grease last year.  So I washed it in Tide once again in yarn form.  Some of the dye inevitably leached.

This might be the last time we see the Team of Six together.  I think I might ship these off to Six Loose Ladies in Chester.  They tell me people ask for mohair yarn, and they currently have none.  Chester Needs Mohair.