Takes All Kinds to Make a Rainbow

I was right; I don’t like it. That’ll teach me to trust my gut next time.

Still, it’ll add nice variety to my collection. Maybe someone will want it someday to knit an ugly little hat for a little boy. Guys always want to wear ugly stuff.


Did you stay home today?  Yes but X went out for hardware

What local business or charity did you support?   I bought a Vermont Brewer’s t-shirt and raffle tickets for Dragonheart

What’s for dinner? Turkey soup!

More Pretty

Did you stay home today? 100%

What local business or charity did you support? Marshfield School of Weaving

What’s for dinner? Black bean soup. One of a couple of things my knock-off Instapot makes foolproof.


Welcome to the fold:


I’m bringing back this feature, like I used to do during the spring lockdown, because it’s quasi-lockdown time again; and these are three things that are personally helpful for me to focus on:

Did you stay home today? Literally 10 seconds in the lobby of Railroad & Main picking up my order

What local business or charity did you support? Railroad & Main

What’s for dinner? A chipotle chicken quesadilla, no side, from Railroad & Main

The first is helpful because it reminds me my boredom is for a purpose.

The second is helpful because I know I’m better at making the world a better place through my dollars than by actually being a nice person. Hey, we all have a role to play.

The third is helpful because food = comfort.


I really am crazy about this one. I put all the colors down the center, rather than trying to keep them separated, as I had been doing lately. It definitely came out ‘muddier’ but I think I prefer it. Also in case you haven’t noticed I am now using colors that are closer to each other on the color wheel, rather than the sharply contrasting colors I’d always tended to pick in the past. Again, ‘muddier’, or shall we say more subtle. The family now – ordered in a way designed to most flatter, and to suggest skeins that could be purchased (ahem!) in combination to Make Something Beautiful:

Speaking of “Make Something Beautiful,” I’m considering making that my business name. Wiseacres Farm can stay the name of the goat breeding operation. The fiber arts can be rebranded. “Make something beautiful” is always my sentiment when anyone walks away with any of my product.