The F*ck It Dye-It!

My pox feels better.

I dyed today. I have so much yarn left over from the fair isle hat I could easily do another. But I thought how I would improve it, and I wanted a dark brown in place of the green.

I did not achieve what I wanted. First I come up with a brown almost EXACTLY like the medium brown already in the hat (even though that was a ProChem color and these were Greener Shade dyes). I added green then I got something too close to the green already in the hat. Then I added more orange and got this and said Fuck It.

Looks Deceive


I’m really not gonna have enough mohair to fill out my 18-box display this year. I’m scraping the bottom of the barrel today with Beatrice’s fall shearing. The pictures above are from enough of a distance to make it all look so snowy-white. But the one in the foreground has a lot of dirty bits. The one in the background is almost all infested with debris. I may get one good pound of these two together.

I guess I cheat and put the same color in two different boxes here and there. Or put in some of last year’s product, of which I’ve already picked the prime out of, so that’s scraping bottom of the barrel too. Maybe one box will be “multi-color” and I’ll throw in a bit of every color. People can already make their own bag mixing every color. But a multi-color box might be eye catching and I bet people go for it.