Weaving School ’22: End of Day 3

Heddled & Reeded

Finished the heddles AND the reed today. The heddles are the white loops; they hang from the harnesses which move up & down, creating the sheds. The reed is what’s lying flat underneath my hand, with all the threads threaded through it and secured loosely with slipknots. Its purpose is to space every thread out perfectly.

I was planning to weave twill, but I encountered a threading mistake that would have been time consuming to fix properly. We could have adjusted by adding a couple extra white threads and it would have been barely noticeable – one slightly wider white stripe in the check pattern. But I asked if the mistake actually would not even matter if I were doing plain weave, and they agreed; SO, change of plans. I’ll do it in plain weave, which is simple alternating each of the four harnesses up and down; whereas twill involves fancier treadling. I had been a little worried about adding the complication of twill on top of the challenge of properly making the check pattern. I’m always concerned about finishing on time. So it’s for the best.

Weaving School ’22: End of Day 1


Half the warp is measured out. Was slow going getting the bobbins wound up; snaggy. Silk is beautiful and shiny but can cut you.


Here’s a picture showing the skarn; six bobbins of white, and two each of ProChem Lime, some kind of yellow, and Pro Chem Grasshopper. It’ll be a check, like the one I’ve been practicing at home.

You pull the threads off the skarn and wind them around the warping board, in this case six at a time.

Book Corner 2022.3

by Amor Towle

Much like A GENTLEMAN IN MOSCOW; a more ridiculous story, but otherwise, incredibly similar – what is it with this guy and annoying little kid characters?

The protagonists are stoical Emmet, annoying little brother Billy, strangely mentally incompetent Woolly, and pants-charming scamp Duchess. Normally a character like Duchess tends to be my least favorite of an ensemble – constantly screwing up plans with his irresponsibility and mayhem. But here he ended up being my favorite, because the competition was so low, and because he was the only one to actually call out Billy as the little “know-it-all” that he was, rather than fawning all over him like every single other person.

And man, I thought this story would never end. Indeed I bet left to his own devices Towles could literally go on forever with digressions and whoopsies and now let’s go off in this direction and who stole the car now?

I only read it because it was a gift.

The Interruptions You Will Always Have with You

Work was so annoying today with the seeming constant OMG-drop-everything-this-is-important! Stop-what-you’re-doing-and-look-at-this! OK-stop-that-now do this! I guess I have to adopt an attitude towards interruptions like I do towards problems. Start documenting them and proving that they’re never going to go away. In fact, recently Burkeman tried to convince me that there’s no such thing as an interruption. How quickly we forget.