Stitch Fix Winter 2018: Items 4-5 of 5


Black cowl neck and more new jeans (I had asked for more bottoms in this shipment – they find me such comfortable jeans).  Cowl neck is a little weird, but I know I would wear this a lot.  When I showed it off at knit knight, Anna pointed out little pulls in the fabric, and I decided I’d send it back – but it turns out, the “Buy All” discount is EXACTLY equal to its price, so I have kept it.

Book Corner


The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin

I’m so “done” with happiness.  I think I’ll seek out some books about finding curmudgeonliness next.
No, seriously, I’m afraid I won’t be able to give this book a fair review, because I don’t exactly remember what led me to obtain and read it, and I’m not really that interested in happiness anymore… I’m kind of there, not meaning I’m happy all the time, but I kinda know everything there is to know about my own happiness, now, after half a century.
So the book – it’s fine.  It’s one woman’s one-year project.  (Yet another “My Year of…”)  At least she wasn’t surreptitiously trying to come to terms with the death of a parent or anything like that.
She tries so many things, you’re bound to come across a couple of good ideas to apply to your own life.
God, I felt bad for her husband, though.  Is this what married-with-children life is like?  The abyss was one scene where her two little girls were fighting, and she discovers her husband upstairs taking a nap.  She wakes him up and says, “This is your problem! You need to fix this!”  Kill me now, I can imagine him thinking.
She sprinkles in scenes like this where she is decidedly NOT happy, which always starts to feel like a nice, humanizing, relatable touch – but then they always end with a sappy, happy ending.  You’re missing the point of showing us your less-than-perfect side, Gretchen.
But hey!  This is supposed to be a HAPPY book…  why all of this, who woke who from a nap, and who failed to live down to my imperfect expectations..  I’m sorry, though, I’m failing to come up with one excellent life lesson that I can apply to my life going forward, except to really and truly this time STOP with the happiness books.

Oh I Just Love SUCCESS


This was awesome.

I’ve been having good luck with the Sara Moulton cookbook I bought at the Essex event earlier this year, though I have to watch the salt and the heat level (she makes things salty and cooks over a very high heat).

This is potatoes and cauliflower and some spices; and chickpeas and some spices baked in oil in the oven then sprinkled on top.  A lot of oil in the dish overall, but being vegetarian it still comes in pretty healthy.



All Kinds of Everything


I did the whole tree today including the lights.  X has done the lights for two decades.  I guess he’s retired.  I did them.  They look fine.

I don’t know how to describe my mojo today.  Low mojo.  But not an existential crisis.  Just low mojo.  It’s like having a cold.

We went to Simple Roots Brewing for beer & Pie Empire Pie.  Then downtown, bought a couple of gifts.  Then dessert downtown.  Too much inedible buttercream.

I love going downtown.  We used to go nearly every weekend.   Now, there are so many other choices.  Maybe I love being downtown because I was young there?  Or because I’ll always miss an urban environment?

And so largely melancholy today… but we came home, with the tree lit up, and damn it looks nice.