Sardinia 2018 Page-a-Day Calendar

Welcome to the annual vacation page-a-day calendar for 2018!


The idea was to celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary in a new part of Italy we hadn’t yet been to.  Xopher picked Sardinia, a large island north of Sicily and below Corsica.  Then he changed his mind.  I think he originally thought there would be volcanoes or something.  But by then I had bought a book and started researching and getting excited about it, and didn’t want to change plans.

I read the books which warned that July and August would be very hot.  I forged ahead anyway.  I like it hot.  HA.

Back in 2005 we went to Ireland in October, because October fit our schedule.  Ireland in October was a nasty soggy mess, and I vowed never again to fit a destination to a schedule rather than a schedule to a destination.  HA.

I’m trying to say it was hot.  Unrelentingly sun-blazingly hot.  Whatever – it was Italy!  I truly love being in Italy.  And Xopher, well, he was a really good sport.

Onward… enjoy how we pulled a good vacation out of 30+ (even 40+ at one point) degree Celsius temperatures…



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