More Fails!

How about a bread machine fail today!

I had an inspiring thought today. Thinking back to my nervous-breakdown years during my father’s decline, you know something that I never, ever find myself thinking? “I sure wish I’d worried more.”

In-law time; it’s do-over time. Do it better this time.

Long Pie Pumpkins a Long Shot

Long Pie & Delicata

At top is a “Long Pie Pumpkin.” The other is a Delicata. I only got a few Delicata this year, and that’s fine – they were really terrible. I don’t know why. They were so starchy. Meanwhile, first time trying this Long-Pie oddball, and baked the thing, and it was delicious. I always plant pumpkins in the manure pile in the goat pen, knowing I’m going to lose some to hungry goats, and this year was no exception. But there are a few that seem to be safely out of their reach. I picked a huge one today. They don’t seem eager to turn fully orange but that doesn’t seem to adversely affect the yumminess inside.

Tomato Salad Every Day

Everyday lunch: homegrown tomatoes sliced in half, drizzled with a bit of olive oil & balsamic and salt. Tear up a couple of homegrown basil leaves. Toast a piece of bread. Slice up an ounce of mozzarella. I had been throwing the mozzarella in the salad but decided I prefer it toasted on the bread. Enjoy… it’ll frost soon enough.

Heal the World, Cook Dinner Tonight

Haven’t posted in ages.  No books or fiber projects have been completed in a while, but both efforts are on the cusp of victory.  Food certainly marches on:


Mini Nitty Gritty corn muffins…  a small bit of grapefruit hef… and experimenting with black bean soup in the Instapot Knockoff.

Follow-up: The soup was AWESOME!  I had heard tell from Christopher Kimball of Milk Street, formerly of America’s Test Kitchen, publishers of the “The Best” series, that pressure cooking was really the best way to make beans.  That man knows what he’s talking about.  So creamy!


I do love me my gadgets.



Couldn’t decide on one thing to talk about tonight, so you’re getting it all –

  1. Yarn came in for this year’s sweater project!



2. Multi-colored yarn is spun & resting on the bobbin!



3. Chicken Florentine was a success!  The Italian-themed fiestaware was strictly a coincidence!20200119_185252

Nothing But Thankful

I was thankful this morning to wake up in a warm bed and hear the wind blowing outside.

I am thankful Xopher is my life partner.

I am thankful to live in a time and place where food flows like manna.  Especially today.

Xopher’s homemade pie crust of lard & whole wheat pastry flour, before & after filling… my gingerbread with its secret ingredient… and my holiday staple, let’s call ’em zucchini poppers.



Why Do I Follow Recipes?


It’s six o’clock, I enter the kitchen and take out the recipe for black-eyed peas I had printed out – the source was “Forks Over Knives,” a vegetable-forward publication.  I begin slavishly following the directions because that’s how I roll.  I find myself spooning tomato paste and other ingredients into a pot of water and dried black-eyed peas that have soaked since last night.  Then I realize… tomato paste?  You’re not supposed to try to cook dried beans with tomatoes or anything acid!!!  They won’t cook!!!  Those IDIOTS.  Now look what I’ve done.

I let them cook for an hour, finding other stupidities throughout the recipe as I looked harder.  Why is there only salt at the end!?  What fat am I supposed to “grill” these onions & mushrooms in, anything!?  Etc.

The beans did pretty much cook, though they certainly weren’t creamy.  I took it upon myself to salt and spice everything in sight and add butter to the onion/mushroom thing.

No more stupid recipes!  Don’t I know how to cook by now?!