Day 3: Nuraghi e vino


We went to a wine tasting.  I got trashed.  There, I thought I’d lead with the highlight.

Day 3 things began in earnest!  We got our rental car and drove inland.  We visited an archaeological site.  Sardegna has some 7,000 sites called nuraghi which are the remains of stone towers and settlements dating from the Bronze Age.  We visited one of the best ones which is a Unesco World Heritage Site.  Above is the view from one of the high spots.  It was all lovely, but, maybe I’ll stop saying “it was too hot.”

Then it was definitely time for wine tasting!  Got a little winery tour and some vino.  I felt good.  Walked it off around the little town.  I like wandering random Italian towns.  One of my favorite things about being in Italy is seeing little old ladies and old men talking on benches.  I feel my grandmother there.  It was how she spent her time.


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