I’m Blithe Enough

I’m giving a book away, and want to save my favorite quotes from it before I do.

“Man likes any work that helps him forget his ghost’s bound to his body by a thread.”

“I thought me the qualm was a tale… I ne thought me the world would end in summer, under the sun in a clear sky, with the leaves new and the birds in song and a loving-Andrew in the hedgerow.”

“Otherwise I’m blithe enough. I’ve a full belly, and a roof over my head, and I’m heal. I have love now, and mayn’t do aught today to shield myself of death tomorrow.”

Noodle’s Playroom

I pulled the plug on a piece of beadwork that I’d been at for a long time. I kept running out of white beads, and ordering just one more packet… I finally had to stop the silliness, considering I think the beads were coming all the way from China or Japan, and either buy a ton of them, or just declare the piece finished. I’m trying it out as an arty piece of window trim for my playroom. I used to call this room my office, then my office/studio, then my studio/office; now I just call it my playroom, because it has all my toys.

That’s a Load Off My Mind

I can’t wait to go shopping. Wherever I want. Slowly.

I know, everyone else be all like, “I can’t wait to hug people!” And I’m all, “I can’t wait to shop somewhere with a better selection of whole wheat pasta.”

BECAUSE I’M A BAD PERSON, OK? We knew that, from a long time ago – I have the merit badge right here. And the business card.

I had actually been meditating on the following for some time before coming across the pointer to this research paper. I like to visualize the broad swaths of the planets where humans don’t live or else constitute a mere blip. Mountains, hills, deserts, national parks, tundra, HUGE tracts of land… Imagine the trees, the mountains, the photosynthesizing biosphere as the default, and us as the exception, a small collection of nattering primates that the great ancients suffer to live out our brief puny lives here and there among the constantly growing and shifting greenery.

Now here’s some figures to help you.


Fry: It’s no use. I wanna cry but I’m just too macho.
Bender: I’ll make you cry, buddy! You’re a pimple on society’s ass and you’ll never amount to anything.
Fry: What do you mean? I was Emperor of a whole planet.
Bender: Good point. But here’s a disturbing reminder; everyone you knew or loved in the 20th century is dead.
Fry: These things happen.
Bender: Okay, Fry, grab a Kleenex for this one, ’cause there’s no God and your idiotic human ideals are laughable!
Fry: Phew! That’s a load off my mind.

Noodle’s Blog Post Explodes with Color!

So, the Greener Shades dyes that I like to use have this big color card PDF, which is organized horrendously, sometimes with as few as 5 colors on a page. Unnumbered. I was always constantly flipping pages around, saying, well, do I like THIS one or THAT one – where was that one again?? Then of course I had to study the formula and translate it to a pound of mohair and hope I didn’t make a mistake, which I tended to do more often than not.

So I snipped all the colors and fit them all into two screen shots, and numbered them. Now I can see them all at once across my two screens. And, I typed all the formulas into Excel, with calculations to tell me exactly how many grams of each color to use to dye one pound of mohair! Now I can just look across my two screens, compare colors, and say, I want #142! Look it up in my spreadsheet, and say, why yes, #142 is .9 grams of Coral Reef Aqua, an excellent choice, madam.

What’s Your Superpower?

Extroverts are like cold-blooded animals. Cold-blooded animals can generate no body heat of their own; they must bake themselves in the sun to keep from freezing. Likewise, extroverted people cannot generate their own “heat”. Only by basking in the energy of someone else can they survive emotionally.


Introverts are warm-blooded. Our fire comes from within.