I read about a stupid app where at a random point of the day you will have two minutes to post two pictures to the site, “one from each phone camera” which had me scratching my head wondering if the assumption is that everyone owns two phones nowadays. I think it must mean both looking outward and looking selfie. Anyway, at the time of reading that, I proceeded to take an outward picture, and a self-facing picture, both shown here. I’ll admit to taking the self-facing picture three times before settling. I had a murderous scowl on my face for the first one. Wow, no wonder I have a hard time making friends. To compensate, I put on a stupid grin for the second one. I decided with the third one to keep myself off to one side for best results.

This is my blog, and I like to have pleasant pictures on it. I understand some people have a problem with the curated nature of social media, that we only show positive aspects of our lives. But who really wants to see pictures of the meltdown I have like every three days when I can’t sleep? Trust me, they happen. Grown-ups realize that it is normal and healthy that people tend to show other people only the pictures where they don’t look like the bloody devil himself.


  • Insomnia and the whole barrage of treatments worse than the ills
  • Found a tick in my navel this morning
  • Two mice in the house in two days

Sometimes it can be good to count your antiblessings! Because it’s kind of funny when everything starts piling on! Ha ha! What next!

Also This

I also unmucked this pretty much by myself. I don’t know exactly why or how I did these things. This was originally so high with wasted hay and muck, Florey was starting to have trouble climbing in & out. Somehow Florey alone managed to generate more waste than Florey plus Milky.

Would You Choose Water Over Wine?

This is the last day of my teetotality experiment. What I learned is that these are the times when I really, really felt the sacrifice:

  • Out for dinner with the husband. Ordered food. Sitting there. Want something interesting to drink and get me in the mood.
  • Xopher brings an interesting beer home. Damn.

Less so, but still annoying: Sometimes while cooking dinner. Already happy to be cooking dinner, but want to accentuate it, celebrate, treat myself, and take the edge off my hunger. This though is the kind of mindless filler-drinking I wanted to stop.

Tomorrow I’m having a big beer. Hopefully will drink more mindfully going forward.

One of those Great Things

I unmucked this barn all by myself. It was as high as the foundation. Over lunch hours and weekends. You just chip away at it and it gets done. I never did it all by myself before. And most of the time I wasn’t feeling at all well rested. X always says, many of the greatest things in history were done by people who weren’t feeling at all well at the time. Well, here’s one for the books.

All the Things: Kitchen Edition! Continues

The kitchen inventory continues!

The frequently used utility drawer:

The less frequently used utility drawer:

I have Marie Kondo to thank for the fact that things are not much, much worse than they are.

And who or what do I have to thank for some of the plastic things you see here… none other than the Kitchen Kaboodle! When I started my first job, in 1990, and had my first apartment, people on the street corners downtown used to hand out fliers, and I used to take every one of them, because everything was new and exciting to me. One outfit was selling kitchenware through these fliers. Just what I needed – I had a new apartment, and I needed EVERYTHING! One week it was ovenware, another week it was knives, and one week it was the Kitchen Kaboodle! An array of plastic utensils – literally an array, as it also came with a handy plastic stand, labeled “Kitchen Kaboodle.” The stand is long gone. Many of the items are gone… from my possession, that is; plastic is never gone. And some of the items are still in my possession. Very happy memories.