Day 7: A Alghero


You’re getting another beach photo today.  Day 7 daytime was spent at the risotto-sand beach.  Evening was spent with the logistics of laundry.  We are not smart enough at packing or dressing to make it through 2 weeks without laundry.

Night was the best.  We had moved to our next city, Alghero, a medieval town like Oristano, but more of a city, and with city walls!  Stepping inside the city walls was magical and maybe I’ll have good photos of it on Day 8.  It was warm and pleasant, all the bars and restaurants were chock full of revelers, it was Saturday night and the World Cup was on televisions visible through every other window, and there were lanterns lighting the streets.  It felt like Old Montreal on an extremely rare warm summer night, but in Alghero this is every summer night.  And Montreal doesn’t have walls and a sea view.

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