Day 6: Sinis Peninsula in Bici


I like biking.  So, back in the cool oblivious comfort of Vermont, when I was planning this trip unprepared for the true meaning of Sardnian heat, I pre-booked a total of three bike tours!  Now the first day of reckoning had arrived!  I was more than a bit scared.

Our tour guide was American and he met us at our guest house with bikes.  He led us through town towards an area called the Sinis Peninsula.  We started bright & early at 8:30 AM, but the sun was quickly on us, and I was bathing in sunscreen.  Happily, the route was not too hilly and led us past breezy beaches; Robert stopped often pointing out plenty of lovely sites; and the terminus was one of those wonderful beachfront restaurants, where I got to have fregola a different way, with clams in broth.  I didn’t even much mind the ride back in afternoon sun, and the total mileage was something like 60km, a record for me to cover in one day.  High five us!

Here we are in a nearly vacant town (populated basically only once a year for a festival) called San Salvatore.  It was often used as a set for spaghetti westerns.  Mmmm, spaghetti…

Other sites included the white sand beach, with sand the consistency of (uncooked) Arborio rice and the temperature of (cooked) Arborio rice… and Tharros, the ruins of an ancient city dominated by two huge Corinthian columns which were wildly impressive till I read that they were reconstructions.  Why is that so annoying?


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