Day 8: Alghero!


Day 8 began as a super-peaceful Sunday morning where we awoke early and proceeded to make an easy lovely drive down the west coast to the little town of Bosa where we had a scheduled snorkeling trip.  No pictures of said trip, as I feared my phone falling into the sea.  I enjoyed being zipped around the Mediterranean.

Evening 8 felt like a real treat – I got to be in Alghero again WITHOUT laundry logistix.  We went out as soon as the sun starting going down.  Above, Xopher is examining one of several catapults that line the city walls.  They are surely quite recent reconstructions.  We did not see them in operation.

We had the most expensive dinner of the trip, and it was thankfully worth it.  I had lobster, which I never do, so of course it was expensive.  They cut it up and served it “Catalan style”.  The restaurant was one of the many along the city walls, so we got to look out over the water, whenever people weren’t in the way; and people-watch, when people were in the way.  Alghero was my favorite town and the place I would return if and when I go back.

It also helped that we had a perfect apartment, the perfect distance from the center, ample parking day or night, with all imaginable amenities, its only flaw being an AC that it was difficult to turn OFF – a nice problem to have in Sardinian heat.

Reminds me of a South Park reference we came up with – “Ample parking day or night, people spouting BUONA SERA!!!”  If anyone remembers the South Park theme song anymore.




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