Acadia Page-a-Day: Day 4

Bass Harbor Lighthouse

This was one of the best days, which we spent in “Sara’s Neighborhood,” near Southwest Harbor. First off, Xopher got his bike pedals replaced at the wonderful Southwest Cycle. Then we put those pedals to the test by biking from Seawall to Bernard and seeing all the sights in between.

We stopped off at the Wonderland Trail, which was such a pleasure with so many lovely woodland and waterfront vistas – and true wonders, as Xopher managed to find a sweet potato on the beach. I thought this was so hysterical I couldn’t resist remarking to the very next couple that we passed, “Hey!! We found a potato!!” They gave shocked and confused looks, then laughed, and the guy said, “That IS a wonder!”

We went down to the Bass Harbor lighthouse, shown here. We went up and around the inlet. We had a satisfying waterfront lunch which also served as dinner at Seafood Ketch.

On the way back, we did another trail, the Ship Harbor trail, with more lovely and dramatic vistas.

Looking through my photos, I see that the wildlife sightings that day included cormorants, possibly loons, deer, and a heron.

Xopher called it a “fun area.” High praise from him.

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