Acadia Page-a-Day: Day 3

Oh! You Pretty Marsh

Backtrack two years ago. We are in Acadia and we take a long walk straight from the motel. We rest and then look at the map, and Xopher (I’ll throw him under the bus) says, well, the shortest route back would be this way. “This way” turned out to be over the park’s goddamn highest mountain by the most difficult route. We just fail so hard.

So two years later, these two idiots are ready for their redemption. We’re going to hike Cadillac Mountain, the EASY way – North Ridge Trail. It’s still not a picnic, but it doesn’t have me screaming THIS ISN’T A THING! the whole time like the 2019 adventure.

But rather than give you the trite “Me on Top of the Mountain!” photo, or the photo of the view that doesn’t do it justice, instead I’ll give you this sunset picture of Pretty Marsh. Pretty Marsh is a lonely spot on the west side of MDI. Don’t you just love the light during the evening hours this time of year.

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