And It’s February…

Product NameSKUPriceQtySubtotal
Gold Rush Yellow Wax Bean Size 1 OZ2232-A$2.95Ordered1$2.95
Provider Bush Bean Size 1 OZ2210-A$2.95Ordered1$2.95
Napoli F1 Carrot Size 250 SEEDS2322-A$2.95Ordered1$2.95
Red Cored Chantenay Carrot Size 1/32 OZ2320-A$2.95Ordered1$2.95
Red Mist Lettuce Size 500 SEEDS2577-A$5.00Ordered1$5.00
Sora Radish Size 100 SEEDS2855-A$2.95Ordered1$2.95
Long Pie Pumpkin Size 1/8 OZ2830-A$3.25Ordered1$3.25
Green Machine F1 Summer Squash Size 10 SEEDS2890-A$4.10Ordered1$4.10
Orangeti F1 Winter Squash Size 10 SEEDS2944-A$5.10Ordered1$5.10
Valentine F1 Tomato Size 10 SEEDS2993-A$6.50Ordered1$6.50
Product NameSKUPriceQtySubtotal
Moonbeam Grape Tomato Size 1/10 GRAM3026-A$2.95Ordered1$2.95
Dwarf Jewel Blend Nasturtium Size 1/8 OZ7160-A$2.95Ordered1$2.95
California Orange Poppy Size 1/64 OZ7094-A$2.95Ordered1$2.95
Esterina F1 Cherry Tomato Size 10 SEEDS2981-A$4.20Ordered1$4.20

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