Extreme Beerfest 2021

Beerfest? In the middle of a pandemic? That’s right! Xopher and I printed out the full beer inventory of the Waterbury Craft Beer Cellar and pretended we were looking over the list for an official beerfest. We headed over there yesterday, pretending we were going to Boston, and braved a public indoor venue to quickly load up on 15 exciting-sounding brews. Then we quickly braved a public supermarket to buy beerfest grub: frozen pretzels, frozen waffles, frozen potstickers, momo’s.

We decided to attend the 6 PM session, and when time rolled around, we rejoiced in not having to stand in line outside in single digit weather, but instead just headed right on into our kitchen, and started opening beer and heating up pretzels.

The most hands-down delicious beer I had was Blueberry, Coffee, Chocolate & Vanilla Sour from Collective Arts. Every single one of those flavors managed to come through. The coffee was particularly forward – coffee in a bitter beer is kind of gross to me, but coffee in a sour is a horse of a different color altogether. It reminds me of Dannon coffee yogurt, which I used to chomp down all the time in days gone by. Several years ago at a ‘real’ extreme beerfest, I rated as my favorite another coffee sour – it was some tiny brewery in the Hudson valley as I recall, and I never found their beer again. This one alas is naturally a limited edition, so while I’ll enjoy it while it lasts, it’ll probably be a long time again until I light upon a coffee sour…

And by far the most disgusting beer that came anywhere near my nose or mouth, not just last night but ever, had to be the Hof Ten Dormaal Sloe. Just no!

This morning we rejoiced anew that we had no need to wander around the Boston Seaport neighborhood in -2 degrees looking for brunch.

Damn that was a good time!

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