Stay-in-cation and Schloot

So, mission accomplished for first Day Off of the week: I didn’t get depressed. I set myself various goals and hit them. The trick was that I would only have to spend 1 hour total on any one task. If I didn’t feel like doing something, I could goad myself by remembering it was only one hour.

So belatedly, here’s a photo of Xmas schloot.

Clockwise from top left:

  • a coconut scented candle
  • an out-of-print book showing weavings from the Victoria & Albert Textile Museum
  • a book spelling-bee puzzles (these are fun)
  • a wine stopper – but why stop?
  • a tea holder – made in Japan of cherry bark
  • a vanilla scented candle (there are 2 vanilla and 1 coconut)

I’m surprised X bought scented candles. He’s normally quite opposed. He must have liked these (he smelled ’em before he bought ’em).

The tea holder is funny because three people gave me tea this season.

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