Next Mix

This should be contrasty enough.

I’m retiring the daily update for the new year. I stay home constantly. I’m going to make one more big whizzbang charitable contribution in 2020 and then rest my finances for a while. I do reserve the right however to chat about what’s for dinner whenever I feel like it.

I have this whole coming week off, even though there is not a damn thing I can do with it, just because I thought it would be mentally healthy to … I don’t know, I would say not work for a week, but I wasn’t working anyway. Between big-picture idleness (the big reason I jumped on that rotational position), end-of-year idleness, and I guess Chris-isn’t-going-to-be-here-come-January-anyway idleness, I was spending almost all my hours listening to podcasts about blockchains & digital currency in the hopes of learning something to help me navigate my way around Tech Lab next year. I have no idea what is going to be expected of me in my new position, and I’d say that’s scary, except it’s not, because I haven’t the foggiest idea what to be scared of.

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