Dye Season Inaugurated


After shearing I could hardly wait to wash and dye (and spin) Janet.  So I started the very next day!  I didn’t like the saturation levels of my results.  I was using formulas from Greener Shades and being very exact, and I double-double-checked the formulas, so I don’t know why they came out so pale.  What you see above was doctored with additional yellow (on the left) and orange (on the right).  The one on the left has some severe splotches, but I blended up the one on the right a bit better.

I really didn’t like either color at first, even after the doctoring, but they’ve grown on me a little.

You can see in the background that biking season has been inaugurated as well as dyeing season.

No new COVID deaths were reported in Vermont today, and the number hospitalized has dropped to single-digits.


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