Book Corner 2020.15


Fibershed by Rebecca Burgess with Courtney White

Nice photographs, and an immensely interesting topic – doing the “locavore” thing for textiles. But the text! I admit I skimmed a lot. I just could not focus. I was consistently amazed at how the authors could make such a fascinating topic such a dull slog of a read. Growing flax for linen, naturally colored cotton, natural dyestuffs, alpaca cooperatives – every time I turned to a new chapter about something I thought “now THIS is finally going to get interesting,” nope. Another page of text I could not get through.

Too bad, because it is a fun topic. As someone who raises fiber animals and makes yarn and loves weaving, I could be and should be the first to be all gung-ho about local textile production. But there seem to be lots of reasons it’s different from food, in terms of the future of truly localized sourcing and production. Reasons they didn’t really get into in this book. Or maybe they did. Honestly, I can’t be sure. ( )


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