The Data


3/26/2020 27-Mar 28-Mar
Did you stay home today? Almost – went for milk Yes, walked on my road for exercise No, went for goat supplies
What was for dinner? Black bean soup Risotto Bobcat Café
What business or charity did you support? Phoenix Books GiveTogetherNow Bobcat Café

And another spreadsheet I started a few days ago.

24-Mar-20 25-Mar 26-Mar 27-Mar 28-Mar
Chittenden Positive test results 40 55 75 90 105
Vermont Positive test results* 95 123 158 184 211
Total tests conducted 1,535 1,712 2,008 2,261 2,374
Deaths+ 7 8 9 10 12
People being monitored 339 342 325 331 304
People who have completed monitoring 316 317 371 376 425

Scroll right for the full picture of both.

2 thoughts on “The Data

  1. I have the dates/vermont cases/deaths listed in pencil on my fridge – and then I drew my own graph. None of the ‘flattening the curve’ happening around here – or anywhere else in US I bet. Ugh. I’m happy with Gov Scott’s response and UVM’s response. But I still am not feeling optimistic about the outcome.


  2. Maggie who works in a hospital in Hackensack New Jersey just told me they are converting the cafeteria to an ICU. Ken says in Brooklyn there are temporary morgues parked on the street. You just posted a picture of cots being set up in UVM’s arena. I feel healthy and sheltered and fortunate and hopeful that boredom and crankiness remain my biggest problems through all this.


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