Maine 2019 Day 13: Aurora


Last full day in Maine.  😦  We did the 11-mile Lake Auburn Loop.  Billed as “easy”; but this word “easy,” I do not think it means what they think it means.  I’ve gotten a lot better about hills these days, but I was defeated by one stretch of this loop.  That said, the part by the lake sure is indeed easy and beautiful.

But, hills or not, 11 miles is piffle to us after two weeks of nearly non-stop wrecking our bodies!  So after a light lunch to satisfy our “apatites” we did a little walking and rockhounding in a place called Mount Apatite.  I don’t think X found any apatite, but there was plenty of mica, as shown here.

The final totals are 87 miles biked, 22 brewpubs.

It is super relaxing to spend two whole weeks doing nothing but some of your favorite things.  No flights, no foreign language, no jet lag, no “big sights” to take in.  It’s an immersion in real life.  Two places I was happiest were Bath and Schoodic.  I loved Acadia and Bar Harbor and felt we barely scratched the surface.  X thought we should do lots more taking advantage of that AMAZING bus.  The area has an entirely free bus, with commodious bike racks, that goes all over the park.  You can totally over-exert yourself and just bus your way back home.  Not that we did that.  Well, not more than once.  Twice.  Anyway – I LOVED the Bar Harbor Motel.  I loved their bike storage, their location RIGHT by a bus stop (not that we needed it, well, not more than twice), everything about their service and amenities – I even loved their breakfast, and I HATE hotel breakfasts.  I avoid hotel breakfasts.  Yet I always looked forward to this one.  Plenty of everything, no fighting people, wild Maine blueberries by the bucketful everyday!!  Cereal ALL DAY LONG!

I think we need to go back.  I think next time I would break up the trip by stopping over in Bath.

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