Maine 2019 Day 12: Augusta & the Kennebec


Kennebec River Rail Trail, Augusta

Day 12 we left Bar Harbor, and rather than schlep all the way home from there, broke up the trip with a couple of nights in the Augusta/Aurora area (say that 10 times fast).

We did a pleasant 12-mile round trip on this lovely, flat, straight rail trail, and spotted a bald eagle.  He’s actually in this picture.  He’s on one of the near islands.

There was a brew spot at the beginning of the trail in Augusta where we had a lovely pizza lunch.  There was another at the end of the trail and another in the middle.  But we didn’t hit the one in the middle, because when we hit the one at the end, it happened.  I reached peak beer.  I looked at my pretzel nuggets and my flight of four, and I said, if I drink any more beer on this trip, I am going to hate beer.  So I stopped.  My passport ended up at 22 – far short of the t-shirt winning 30, but beyond the cap-winning 15… maybe they’ll round up?!  I’ve sent it out and time will tell.

Miles biked: 76

Brews: STOPS at 22.  I know when to say when!



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