Book Corner 2019.15


The Line Becomes a River by Francisco Cantu

I hardly know what to say about this.  Cantu works as a border patrol agent for the first half of this non-fiction book, wanting to get first-hand experience.  The second half sees him working on behalf of an undocumented deported friend, who is trying to rejoin his wife and three boys in the States after going home to be at his mother’s deathbed.

Just today, VPR reported on the impacts that are resulting from Vermont having seen the smallest influx of refugees into the state for the past decade, thanks to the odious anti-immigration policies made higher up.  There is now a small infrastructure in Burlington and Winooski set up to help support new Americans, and its services are going wanting, and more importantly jobs are going unfilled.  We hear constantly that we need more people in Vermont – more young people, a bigger tax base, more entrepreneurship, a bigger labor pool.  We need people.  And the world is literally full of people begging to come here, and not being allowed to, and for what?

I hardly know what to say about this.


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