Cheap Thrills


I don’t recall if the spinning wheel charm itself was cheap; it was an Xmas gift (which I asked for, from a booth at the VTS&W Fair).  But it was meant for a bracelet.  I paid a few bucks last night at what we call the Rock Shop (“Global Pathways” on Church St.) to have it put on a big fat clasp so I could wear it on my favorite necklace; and they threw in a repair to the clasp on said necklace too.  I wear this chain nearly 24/7.  The charm may be annoying to wear 24/7, as it gets caught on things, but isn’t it cool?!

And I was reading last night about how much fakery goes into photos that are taken with smartphones.  Apparently, whether or not you explicitly use a filter, the phones are making everything look much better than it “really” does.  Sorry you are always gypped out of full appreciation of my ragged complexion.  I don’t really look as sandpapered as I do in these photos.


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