Pasta, Pasta, Pasta


Here are just some – I’ll narrow it down to the filled pastas.  A particularly Sardinian filled pasta is called “culingiones”, with various spellings.  It’s dialect – Sardinian has such a different dialect from regular Italian, in fact, that Sardu is really its own language.  Seemingly paradoxically, but not if you think about it, this means that the classical Italian they speak in Sardinia is some of the purest you’ll hear in the country.  Since they don’t have a near-dialect muddying up their speech, when they speak Italian it’s textbook.  This was helpful to me as I strained to understand things… but I am digressing from food.

Culingiones are stuffed with potato and cheese, like a peirogi, and often a hint of mint.

Check out the pasta shown above with the shrimp – this was a seafood-stuffed pasta, and they were shaped like little fish!

And below, is a typical Sardinian pasta meal …  after it’s been in front of us.


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