I Like Cool Beverage, Yeah…

Drinking in Sardinia…

a) Water – always bottled.  You get a big one-liter bottle with your dinner and go from there.  “Naturale,” if you don’t want it fizzy.

b) Beer – the local beer is “Ichnusa.”  The basic model is not very good, kind of like Bud.  The “Non-Filtrato” is very good.  The lemon radler is basically a lemon soda.  We never felt any buzz from it whatsoever.

c) One good beer not pictured here was called “Friska”.  I think that was also local.

d) The wine is OK.  The only one we were really taken with was a dessert wine we never found again.

e) We discovered a wild soft drink called “Chin 8”, pronounced “kin-AUGHT-o”.  It was kind of a Moxie meets Dr. Pepper.  Also available in Diet!

f) Summer afternoon, hot… drink, drink!  Alcohol, sure, but it doesn’t have to be.  Limonata, Chin-8, granita (ice slushy), smoothie (lots of smoothies)…

f) Late afternoon: Apertivo!  Spritz!  Drink, drink!

g) After dinner: Digestivo!  Grappa!  Drink, drink!


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