S’E2S’E Dye Job

This isn’t the S’E2S’E project I’d planned on doing today.  I had a 4-ounce bag of Clun Forest raw wool I was going to wash and dye.  I dropped it into the wash water…  noticed it seemed to have poop pellets in it.  Possibly a lot of poop pellets.  Then I noticed the locks were extremely short.  I thought of picking all that poop out of that wool, and then fussing with the little locks that I would barely be able to hold between my fingertips as I tried to flick them.  Then I thought of how I was not going to enjoy one moment of this project.  Then I double-checked the price on the bag, not that it matters, and it was four dollars.  I thought, I could just dump this out on the ground and forget about it and the lousy four dollars I spent on it.  And I did!

I took out another little satchel of S’E2S’E, also sold to me aw raw wool, but in much, much better condition.  That is what you see here; it is Lincoln Longwool – LONGwool, I emphasize.  I am going to enjoy this one.  Looks like mohair, doesn’t it?


Just Another Weekend


This is X, obviously, last night at the Skunk Hollow Tavern in beautiful Hartland, Vermont.  That is NOT me in the background behind him; it’s someone else with excessively long, straight red hair.

X likes tavern-type places.  I prefer exotic cuisine, but I like to make him happy.

Today my father has been on my mind, gone four years today.  I went and did my shopping, and I greeted everyone the way he would have greeted them.  I bought a lot of everything, because he always bought a lot of everything, because, “this way you have it.”  You can’t argue with that.