Let’s Be Natural

Time for an unofficial Be Natural, i.e. an unedited unfiltered photo in both directions. Not that I ever edit or filter photos, but I am known to retake them if I look (too) fat and ugly, which is editing of a sort.

“Today is SOOOOO effin’ hot…”

Damn Sweaty

“How effin’ hot is it???…”

Burlington Bay Market

That even though outdoor seating was available, we stayed in the AC. That is so not me.

If You Start Me Up…

Tattoo You

My bday gift arrived yesterday for reals. What I was presented with on my bday was actually a set of LPs, even though Xopher ordered CDs and the box said CDs. I have a record player but it needs some attention, and I’m not really a vinyl nut. So, exchanged for digital.

I listened to 3 of the 4 CDs last night. The first is the album, the second is some unreleased tracks, and the last two are live from Wembley Stadium.

Tattoo You, along with High Tide & Green Grass, were my first two Stones albums, which I got in 1981 when I was 12 years old. I had two friends who were crazy for the Rolling Stones and frankly I just wanted to fit in at first. But a true fan I quickly became. Me and my best friend Tabitha listened to this album soooooooooo many times. I had it on cassette. She had a boom box. We did a lot of walking when we were kids, and always brought the boom box. I know every note on this album.

So I can’t be objective about it.

Hey look, I know how to embed a URL

Bechdel Testing

“[T]his melancholy feeling of forever-deferred clarity and calm… is often confusingly yoked to a kind of determination, the idea that with just a bit more effort, just the right tweaks this way or that, a sense of integration – …”bliss” or “oneness” or “transcendence” – will arrive. The cyclical nature of these two feelings – in which a person feels alternately broken and fixed, in a loop that never ends – constitutes the American religion of ‘self-improvement’.”

From a NYRB review of Alison Bechdel’s Secret to Superhuman Strength, which I did not think I wanted to read, as it has been billed as being all about Bechdel’s extreme commitment to physical fitness, and I cannot relate at all to people who want to work out all the time. But the review makes me think I might try it.

Ankles & Habits

The left ankle I sprained Thursday night is basically better. However, today, the day I went back to sitting in my office chair after 3 days off, I noticed that my habit of sitting on my feet, particularly on my left foot, was annoying to the injury. My insistence on doing it is probably what prolonged the same injury in the past (I did the same thing to myself in 2019, almost to the day, and still wasn’t 100% a month later). As I approached my dining room chair tonight, noticed the same thing – habit is to curl up the left leg and sit on it. So, I was talking about it to X, when it dawned on me that maybe this habit is WHY I keep spraining my ankle. He said, basically, “Well duh.” Ugh. It’s going to be such a tough habit to break. I can sit on my right foot instead, but that means I have to always approach the chair differently. And then I’ll probably start injuring my right ankles instead of/in addition to the left. I just CAN’T sit straight on my butt. I can’t explain it, it’s not exactly uncomfortable, but I have this URGE to curl up at least one leg underneath myself.