Noodle Rocks the Kitchen


Looks awful.  Tastes great.  This is an old Cooking Light recipe I’ve used for eons.  Instead of pork sausage, used turkey sausage, which dramatically increased my allowed WW serving size – that, and beans now being zero points on WW.  I had it over riced cauliflower (bought frozen) with a side of simple kale steamed with sea salt & a touch of olive oil.  “Tastes like mama’s manicotti.”  That’s an obscure movie reference.


Oh I Just Love SUCCESS


This was awesome.

I’ve been having good luck with the Sara Moulton cookbook I bought at the Essex event earlier this year, though I have to watch the salt and the heat level (she makes things salty and cooks over a very high heat).

This is potatoes and cauliflower and some spices; and chickpeas and some spices baked in oil in the oven then sprinkled on top.  A lot of oil in the dish overall, but being vegetarian it still comes in pretty healthy.