S’E2S’E #8

Then there were 8:


Here’s #8, a Navaja-Churro Lambswool single-ply.  Sheds all over.  I bought it as roving, and spun it directly.  When I put it in hot water to set, lo and behold, I discovered it was FILTHY!  So, one wash in Tide detergent later…




Butterscotch joins Damn! That’s Orange to make a total of TWO yarns in my Winter 2020 Yarn Fleet.

The prep goes so much faster when working with fairly choice mohair and not dregs left over after consignment – that’s another great benefit of me holding onto all my fair leftovers.  So many nice locks to grab, as opposed to picking up piece after piece trying mostly in vain to find something not matted or full of scurf.

I learned the word “scurf” from one of my many Pretty But Useless fiber periodicals this week.  Now I have a name for the waxy globs that some goats get at the base of their hair when they’ve been struggling with lice.  It’s a bane.


Again with the Fiber

I was going to make a multi-colored blend next…  but when I opened the box of “Butterscotch” it’s all I wanted to spin next.  Something about this color I just love!  The delicate yellow…  And, the locks are BEAUTIFUL.  Janet is a nice goat.  THIS is why I didn’t consign anything this year, so I could hold onto the good stuff!


Those blue things buried in the right-hand basket are just some of my tools, thrown in there to help weigh things down.  The fluffed-out fiber tends to fly, otherwise.

S’E2S’E Dye Job

This isn’t the S’E2S’E project I’d planned on doing today.  I had a 4-ounce bag of Clun Forest raw wool I was going to wash and dye.  I dropped it into the wash water…  noticed it seemed to have poop pellets in it.  Possibly a lot of poop pellets.  Then I noticed the locks were extremely short.  I thought of picking all that poop out of that wool, and then fussing with the little locks that I would barely be able to hold between my fingertips as I tried to flick them.  Then I thought of how I was not going to enjoy one moment of this project.  Then I double-checked the price on the bag, not that it matters, and it was four dollars.  I thought, I could just dump this out on the ground and forget about it and the lousy four dollars I spent on it.  And I did!

I took out another little satchel of S’E2S’E, also sold to me aw raw wool, but in much, much better condition.  That is what you see here; it is Lincoln Longwool – LONGwool, I emphasize.  I am going to enjoy this one.  Looks like mohair, doesn’t it?