Nothin’ up My Sleeve…


Thanx for your interest!  I don’t block.  I’m just bad at texture work, my purls don’t correlate well with my knits, or something.  I’m only doing a pattern from this book because it was a gift, and because I’m kind of “what the hell” about knitting, will try anything.  I did learn the long-tail cast-on which was fun (from the web – NOT from the awful illustration and directions in the book).




My seventh skein of the season.

2-Apr 3-Apr 4-Apr 5-Apr
Did you stay home today?
Takeout. Curbside.   With a mask. Yes, 100% Went for milk & Chinese Errand day
What was for dinner?
Hatchet Leftovers Chinese Mushroom barley soup
What business or charity did you support?
Hatchet Frontline Foods Joyce’s Noodle House – only Chinese open Sweet Clover
2-Apr 3-Apr 4-Apr 5-Apr
Chittenden Positive test results 177 199 245 271
Vermont Positive test results* 338 389 461** 512**
Total tests conducted 4,711 5,228 5,844 6,582
Deaths+ 17 17 20 22
People being monitored 127 102 89 62
People who have completed monitoring 677 705 718 745
Hospitalized patients with COVID-19 29 29 29 29
Hospitalized patients under investigation for COVID-19 42 44 44 44

I wonder what it means that “People being monitored” keeps dropping and dropping.  Have they quit monitoring?  Wow, this sounds like a great question for Vermont Edition.




Finally, #6, “Latte”, on the end.  It was finished a while ago, but it felt sticky.  It came from Columbia whose fleece really held the grease last year.  So I washed it in Tide once again in yarn form.  Some of the dye inevitably leached.

This might be the last time we see the Team of Six together.  I think I might ship these off to Six Loose Ladies in Chester.  They tell me people ask for mohair yarn, and they currently have none.  Chester Needs Mohair.



Happy Sunday

S’E2S’E #9 complete:


And, because hope springs eternal, the 2020 seed order is in:

Emiko F1

SKU: 2381-A



Napoli F1 Carrot

SKU: 2322-A



Red Russian Kale

SKU: 2530-A


1/32 OZ


SKU: 2592-A


1/32 OZ

PLS 14 Shelling Pea

SKU: 2758-A


1 OZ

Sora Radish

SKU: 2855-A



Costata Romanesco Zucchini

SKU: 2895-A


1/8 OZ

Sweet Chocolate Pepper

SKU: 2815-A


1/64 OZ

Corno di Toro Pepper

SKU: 2778-A


1/64 OZ

NuMex Joe E. Parker Anaheim Pepper

SKU: 2785-A


1/64 OZ

S’E2S’E #10 Begun


Ha ha, not the color I was going for.  I was going for kind of a gray.  But I forgot to do the “0.2% DOS” calculation, and did it as 100% DOS.  (Depth of Shade.)  So hey, here’s another chocolate brown.

The breed is Horned Dorset.  Dang impressive looking things!


Photo not taken by me; stolen shamelessly off the internets.



Whoa, you say, (in my imagination where “you” are paying meticulous attention), last time there were two, now we’ve jumped to five?  I found the two on the left in a drawer; I guess they are two that didn’t sell last year.  So now my fleet is five.  Finished Mr. Multicolor on the right today.  I know people like the multi-colors, and they sell, but I prefer the solids, not only because they are quicker to make.  I just like the feeling of being able to churn out one color in quantity.


Couldn’t decide on one thing to talk about tonight, so you’re getting it all –

  1. Yarn came in for this year’s sweater project!



2. Multi-colored yarn is spun & resting on the bobbin!



3. Chicken Florentine was a success!  The Italian-themed fiestaware was strictly a coincidence!20200119_185252