Shave ‘Em to Save ‘Em

Check out Shave ‘Em to Save ‘Em, “a program that will recognize fiber artists for using wool from breeds on our Conservation Priority List while connecting shepherds of heritage breeds with customers.”

In other words, buy stuff from people raising rare breeds, to lend your economic support to keeping this breeds alive!

So, it’s a passport program – witness my fondness for collecting brewery passport t-shirts and snapshots for my VT 251 club page – and I’m all in.  I’ve spun my first “rare” (actually “recovering”) breed, Shetland…  I bought it as roving, and just spun it up, and it was almost too easy.


From the Fiber Mill


Exhibit A: Viking Socks.  And do they ever look like Viking socks, i.e. something out of the 6th century.  The author of this pattern needs to bone up on 17-th century heel-turning technology.

Exhibit B: More of my (should-be) patented multi-color homespun 100% mohair yarn.