Book Corner 2023.20

by Sheila Liming

I felt like this was a bait-and-switch. It just didn’t seem to be about “hanging out” at all. It was just a bunch of stories about the author’s oh-so-interesting life. I’m sorry, I don’t mean to sound resentful just because I’m boring, but it’s like she had nine lives, none of which I could relate to. She was an accordion player in a successful jam band in Pittsburgh! She was a bartender in an isolated Washington state bar! She was a professor in North Dakota! She was pals with a Food Network star and appeared in her reality TV show! She was a guest at a dinner party with famous physicist-author Brian Greene! Enough already! No, wait, she also almost got killed ice-climbing tied to three other people, one of whom was 84 years old! I expected every next chapter to find her performing as a rodeo clown or clerking for a Supreme Court justice.

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