Anti-Gratitude for Real

I’ve referred to this before. I keep a line-a-day-journal. In recent times it’s taken the form of “one great thing from the past 24 hours and 3 blessings” a.k.a what is sometimes called (ick) a “gratitude journal.” But I’m going to morph it into a combined anti-gratitude and gratitude journal. You should definitely think of a great thing that recently happened every morning when you get up, and count your blessings. But first you should think of what was the worst thing that happened in the last 24 hours, and what are three other things you have to be ungrateful about. Because that way when inevitable bad things happen, you won’t feel, on top of bad, the feeling that you are stymied, that this bad thing wasn’t SUPPOSED to happen, you wuz robbed, you were gypped. With practice, you’ll instead think, aha, this is the Bad Thing, or one of the Bad Things, due to happen today; right on time!

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