Book Corner 2023.9

by John Baxter

Better than I thought it was going to be; because I thought it was going to be, “OMG, Paris is so freaking beautiful, this is beautiful, that’s beautiful, OMG Paris is so beautiful.” Yawn! It wasn’t that. It bounced around severely. It was kind of tied together by the author’s recounting of how he stumbled into a job giving walking tours of Paris; and some of the fun things he includes on his tours. I liked that all the chapters were super-short. I liked the amount of himself he put into the book – enough so you aren’t wondering who in the world is speaking to you; but not so much that it’s a Me-Me-Me book, which is also boring. Altogether, you’d think that I’d love it. Ultimately, though I hate to sound like an ugly American or a jaded snob, I went to Paris once and I wasn’t all that crazy about it. I prefer Italy.

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