Carrots and Pumpkins and Squash, Oh My

Provider Bush Bean SKU: 2210-A Size 1 OZ
Dragon Langerie Bush Bean SKU: 2234-A Size 1 OZ
Napoli F1 Carrot SKU: 2322-A Size 250 SEEDS
Cosmic Purple Carrot SKU: 2335-A Backordered – ships by 03/08/2023 Size 1/32 OZ
Cider Jack F1 Pumpkin SKU: 2826-A Size 10 SEEDS
Supersonic F1 Summer Squash SKU: 2893-A Size 10 SEEDS
Orangeti F1 Winter Squash SKU: 2944-A Size 10 SEEDS
Cannellino F1 Grape Tomato SKU: 3001-A Size 10 SEEDS
Midnight Pear Cherry Tomato SKU: 3022-A Size 1/10 GRAM
Genovese Basil SKU: 5000-A Size 1/32 OZ
Dwarf Jewel Blend Nasturtium SKU: 7160-A Backordered – ships by 04/19/2023 Size 1/8 OZ

2 thoughts on “Carrots and Pumpkins and Squash, Oh My

  1. OH! So nice! May I beg one nasturtium seed from you when they arrive? The critters always eat mine but I’d like to try growing one in a pot this year to try to outsmart them.


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