If You Start Me Up…

Tattoo You

My bday gift arrived yesterday for reals. What I was presented with on my bday was actually a set of LPs, even though Xopher ordered CDs and the box said CDs. I have a record player but it needs some attention, and I’m not really a vinyl nut. So, exchanged for digital.

I listened to 3 of the 4 CDs last night. The first is the album, the second is some unreleased tracks, and the last two are live from Wembley Stadium.

Tattoo You, along with High Tide & Green Grass, were my first two Stones albums, which I got in 1981 when I was 12 years old. I had two friends who were crazy for the Rolling Stones and frankly I just wanted to fit in at first. But a true fan I quickly became. Me and my best friend Tabitha listened to this album soooooooooo many times. I had it on cassette. She had a boom box. We did a lot of walking when we were kids, and always brought the boom box. I know every note on this album.

So I can’t be objective about it.

Hey look, I know how to embed a URL

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