Vermont Beauty

Cambridge, Bakersfield, or Somewhere In Between

Scenes from an old rail trail going from Jeffersonville to Bakersfield. 11 miles or so. NO ONE else on the trail, till an ATV at the very end. Overgrown, weeds knee-high in some places, large stone in others, mud and puddles elsewhere, hard going. Took 36 to 108 back, rather than face the trail again; thus, something more than 11 miles coming back. X wanted to try this trail. I was glad he took some initiative. It was mostly downhill coming back which always gives a positive afterglow whatever the travails going out.

Solstice is not even here, and I feel like we’ve already lived a summer and a half.

2 thoughts on “Vermont Beauty

  1. Marshall has been interested in this section of the trail for a long time. We finally tried it one day last year but didn’t get too far. I hope they upgrade it soon.


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