All the Things: Kitchen Edition! Continues

The kitchen inventory continues!

The frequently used utility drawer:

The less frequently used utility drawer:

I have Marie Kondo to thank for the fact that things are not much, much worse than they are.

And who or what do I have to thank for some of the plastic things you see here… none other than the Kitchen Kaboodle! When I started my first job, in 1990, and had my first apartment, people on the street corners downtown used to hand out fliers, and I used to take every one of them, because everything was new and exciting to me. One outfit was selling kitchenware through these fliers. Just what I needed – I had a new apartment, and I needed EVERYTHING! One week it was ovenware, another week it was knives, and one week it was the Kitchen Kaboodle! An array of plastic utensils – literally an array, as it also came with a handy plastic stand, labeled “Kitchen Kaboodle.” The stand is long gone. Many of the items are gone… from my possession, that is; plastic is never gone. And some of the items are still in my possession. Very happy memories.

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