Florestan T. Goat, 2011-2022

We got Florestan as a kid in 2011 from Grandview Farm in Washington, VT. They were getting out of angora goats; they’ve since become very successful with Gotland sheep. They had two buck kids for sale. His brother, I recall, had some more reasonable name, like Fern. For whatever reason, we chose Florey.

He grew into a behemoth, as you can see. Sara used to refer to him as “Buster.” He got mean. I blame Xopher for the way he socializes buck kids. 2 out of 3 times we had a long-term buck, twice they turned out mean, and those were times we got the buck as a kid. X “plays” with them and I think he teaches them to challenge us.

So it was just the way he was raised. He was mean, and he hurt us from time to time, but he was only being himself. He wasn’t a bad goat. Just smelly and ugly and mean. And I MISS him, dammit.

One thought on “Florestan T. Goat, 2011-2022

  1. He wasn’t mean to me, but he wasn’t afraid of me or skittish like the others. He could be intimidating. He’d approach me and hang out with me, and give me a look that I interpreted as ‘hey, Babe!’. So I’d reply ‘cool it, Buster!’. RIP, Buster.


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