All the Things!

I somehow got it into my head to take an inventory. Of everything. In the house.

I started with the mudroom, probably the most difficult room, as it is partly full of Xopher junk, much of which I can’t identify. I am not inventorying stuff on the counter; I feel that, since it is soon destined for the basement, once my seedling trays take over the counter, it doesn’t count as mudroom inventory.

I’m never doing the basement, or Xopher’s office, as these are his domain. It was hard enough doing the shared space which is the mudroom.

We’ve got about 250 separately enumerated items in that room, that room which didn’t exist a few years ago.

The categories include:

  • cleaning supplies
  • items in daily use
  • outerwear
  • wildlife feeding
  • hardware
  • goat supply
  • goat medicine
  • goat wound care
  • goat shearing equipment
  • vegetation
  • lighting
  • miscellaneous liquids
  • furnishings
  • dye equipment
  • biking
  • stockpiled items
  • uncategorized

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