Book Corner 2022.12

by Victoria Turk

Somehow I expected more about handling electronic communication at work, and less about dating apps and such. Extremely basic advice. Spot fake news by checking the sources! I do like that phone calls make her shudder. But I disagree with her that you should text a warning before you call. The three words I hate most in MS Teams are “can”, “I”, and “call.” Every fiber of my being screams noooooooooooooooooo you canNOT, while my fingers type the letters “O” and “K” because I’m such a good team player. If they’d just call and rip the band-aid off, it would be better. There was a blessed period when work texting blossomed when nobody called anymore. Then MS Teams made it so easy to make a Teams call. Pththththth on you, Microsoft.

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