Book Corner 2022.10

by Jennifer Egan

Amazing story consisting of substories following various intertwined lives.

A group of west coast teens with a bad punk rock band grows up. Bennie the bass player becomes an extremely successful record executive. Scotty the guitarist gets the girl Bennie wants. Rhea, who wants Bennie, and Jocelyn are best friends; Jocelyn gets involved with a much older, rich guy in the music bizz, with kids her age. Said rich guy, Lou, goes on a safari with two of his kids. Sasha, a comupulsive shoplifter, becomes Bennie’s personal assistant; she is the figure who most weaves in and out, binding many stories together.

The one spoiler I’ll give is that the goon squad is time. And it’s not really a spoiler that everyone gets old.

I’m 52 and from NYC. This surely colored my love for these stories. (The action takes place on both coasts; but NYC has the much more vivid scenes.)

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