Weaving School ’22: End of Day 3

Heddled & Reeded

Finished the heddles AND the reed today. The heddles are the white loops; they hang from the harnesses which move up & down, creating the sheds. The reed is what’s lying flat underneath my hand, with all the threads threaded through it and secured loosely with slipknots. Its purpose is to space every thread out perfectly.

I was planning to weave twill, but I encountered a threading mistake that would have been time consuming to fix properly. We could have adjusted by adding a couple extra white threads and it would have been barely noticeable – one slightly wider white stripe in the check pattern. But I asked if the mistake actually would not even matter if I were doing plain weave, and they agreed; SO, change of plans. I’ll do it in plain weave, which is simple alternating each of the four harnesses up and down; whereas twill involves fancier treadling. I had been a little worried about adding the complication of twill on top of the challenge of properly making the check pattern. I’m always concerned about finishing on time. So it’s for the best.

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