Goals, Schmoals

My friend Maggie posted her goals for 2022; and banal as they were, they were at the same time uplifting to read, because a year ago everyone’s goal was just to survive.

In that spirit, I give you…

Kick Killer Insomnia to the Curb.  It would be unrealistic to say that from now on my goal is to sleep eight hours every night of my life.  But the kind of 110% awake killer insomnia that makes me promising to kill myself in the morning…  with my new pal Mel A. Tonin, I hope to make that a thing of the past.

Lose Absolutely No Weight as I eat exactly what my body wants.  Familiar now with both my biomom & biodad’s phenotypes, my pudge factor is actually exactly where it should be.

Food Is a Sacrament.  Whether it be a fantastic home-cooked dinner, a night out, or a simple bowl of oatmeal… Ah, Meaning!

Continue to Grow My Career in Astounding Ways.  Techlab was probably a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity; but now I find myself positioned in a key role on a heavily “agile” incarnation of Fedwire which is a whole new world.

Be at 1.5 with Nature.  I used to be on Woody Allen’s wavelength: “I am at two with nature.”  Finally after decades of rural living, I am inching asymptotically closer to one…

Frolic with Fiber.  No particular fiberific goals, as the goal is specifically the general (Joe Oxymoron).  Having fun is the only goal.

Read, Read, Read.

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