Book Corner 2021.59

by Dave Eggers

A sequel to The Circle, which I also loved. The Every is a fictional mash-up of Google and Amazon. Characters Delaney & Wes attempt to overthrow the powerful Every from within, by proposing ever more outlandish and horrifying apps, in the hopes that one, finally, will cross the line and be so repulsive as to turn public opinion against the Every once and for all. They start with AuthentiFriend, which will gauge how authentic your friendships are by gauging your friends’ behavior during your conversations. Then there’s Satisfied?, the app that will tell you whether you enjoyed what you just ate. Building on that, Happy Now? will tell you in real time whether you’re happy. Did I? will tell you whether you had an orgasm.

The problem is, no matter ridiculous the app, people love it.

Kerpow!, an app to encourage spontaneity. Thinking of You, which will send a brief message to each of your contacts twice a day, stating, you guessed it, “Thinking of you.” Show Your Love publicizes all messages of love, greeting, etc. so as to count and compare your count to others. Were They? will tell you whether your parents were any good. Departy notifies you of the death of anyone in your network. PassionProject will tell you your passion. “People found it enormously helpful.”

Takes a Village allows you to track, film, and shame children for their misdeeds. FictFix takes old novels and “fixes” them, making protagonists more likeable, updating terminology, etc. ShouldEye asks the general public for an opinion on any decision you have to make.

Super funny-scary stuff.

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