Book Corner 2021.52

by Woody Allen

Am I a bad person because when I saw Woody Allen had a memoir I immediately wanted to read it? Am I a bad person because I thought it was funny and I enjoyed reading it? Am I a bad person for finding his account of the whole molestation mishigoss is credible? No! I’m a bad person for other reasons, not these.

He’s funniest talking about his early life. Once his career takes off it seemed to get more matter-of-fact; once we are in his late career, the movie titles flying around and actors and actresses who were all wonderful, drop-dead sexy, beautiful, amazing, a joy to work with, etc. etc. and all the other famous people he’s met and known, well, it makes your head swirl a little.

So it wasn’t wall-to-wall comedy, but it was enough to be worthwhile and remind me why I’m a fan.

Incidentally, my favorite of his movies in order are:

  1. Annie Hall
  2. Manhattan
  3. Stardust Memories
  4. Love & Death

Yeah, really going out on a limb there, I realize.

And incidentally if you want to read something supportive of Mr. Allen, this statement by his adopted son Moses may be the best.

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