Got My Mojo Working

Hogback Mountain Brewing

From the department of “Well I Should Hope So,” a perfect day drinking blood-orange gose with the cedar waxwings out back at Hogback Mountain Brewing, then biking the awe-inspiring Bristol-Monkton road, got my mojo working again. The Vermont biking just stones me to my soul. Stones me just like jelly roll.

Today I’m prepping for weaving school – trying to get a head start on what the warp will look like, even though I know they will spell it all out for me when I get there; and refreshing my memory on some of their tips and tricks. Glad I bought the handbook.

Look forward to some gorgeous weaving pix this week!

2 thoughts on “Got My Mojo Working

  1. Were you all the way down on route 9? That’s where Hogback Mountain is I think. I pass the ‘scenic view’ area when I visit my family in Rowe. There is a new distillery right next to the scenic view parking, but I’ve never noticed a brewery.


  2. This is in Bristol. It doesn’t say how they got their name, but does say the brewery was moved at some point from one location to another, so maybe it started down south. Or maybe a lot of hills look like the back of a hog.


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