Noodle’s Blog Post Explodes with Color!

So, the Greener Shades dyes that I like to use have this big color card PDF, which is organized horrendously, sometimes with as few as 5 colors on a page. Unnumbered. I was always constantly flipping pages around, saying, well, do I like THIS one or THAT one – where was that one again?? Then of course I had to study the formula and translate it to a pound of mohair and hope I didn’t make a mistake, which I tended to do more often than not.

So I snipped all the colors and fit them all into two screen shots, and numbered them. Now I can see them all at once across my two screens. And, I typed all the formulas into Excel, with calculations to tell me exactly how many grams of each color to use to dye one pound of mohair! Now I can just look across my two screens, compare colors, and say, I want #142! Look it up in my spreadsheet, and say, why yes, #142 is .9 grams of Coral Reef Aqua, an excellent choice, madam.

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