V-Day Refined Estimate

May 14.

Unfortunately X’s appointment is a little behind mine, and he’s looking around May 26. So some of these where I want his company are now dependent on X-Day rather than V-Day.

These dreams are starting to enter the realm of real, actual, honest-to-dog possible occurrences…

V-Day + 1:

Make appointment for haircut & eyebrow wax
Plan date for southwestern road trip (dependency: Maggie)
Order new carpet

X-Day + 1:

Make reservation for Trattoria d’Elia
Make reservation for Single Pebble
Plan date for North Carolina (dependency: Xopher)

X-Day + first available weekends:

Go to Montreal. (dependency: border is open)
Go to VPB
Go to Pizzeria Verita
Go to Doc Ponds
Go to random restaurant!


Go to Cirque du Soleil (dependency: it still exists)


Go to Acadia/Bar Harbor

March 2022:

Go to Virgin Islands

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