Thoughts from Just Another Household Trying to Keep Their Shit Together

X & I went for a drive to pick up more goat chow. This was a rare treat for me to be in the passenger seat. Usually I drive all over the place myself.

I looked at every house that we passed, and thought about how every house held a family trying to keep their shit together.

You never know what somebody is going through, financially, medically, or emotionally.

The facade of the house tells you nothing.

Everybody is going through something. It’s rare that life hands somebody nothing but good cards all in one hand. If you find yourself in that rare happy situation – ride it as long as you can. The weak card will come around.

This meditation has helped me today.

Of course, on another thought, meditations are like underwear. They can give you a good undergirding of support. But they need to be changed often.

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